I would take Victoria’s other courses in a heartbeat! I left the Bending Reality Course with deep gratitude, trust in myself, and overflowing joy. Victoria’s capacity to engage with everyone in all the details of their life is incredible, she’s able to tune into your inner feelings and respond with great sharpness.

Her highly structured lessons and exercises brought empowerment and coherency in both the ordinary and extraordinary moments in life. The lessons were simple yet challenging in a sense that I really had to face some truths that I was afraid of or blinded by in the past – With Victoria’s sincere support, wisdom and perceptiveness, I was able to grow and open up to higher versions of myself.

I also loved that the course was done in a group setting since everyone’s courage and vulnerability magnified each other’s compassion and strength to evolve. Victoria’s unique teaching method and focused leadership has brought me tremendous peace and clarity – I wish others a meaningful journey with Victoria as well!