I’ve had the privilege of working with Victoria through the most stressful, and most rewarding few years of my life. She supported me through multiple rounds of fundraising, endless complex challenges at work, and the eventual sale of my company. She’s improved my thought process, helped me get to the root cause of issues faster, and most importantly, changed my emotional relationship to the turbulence.

Victoria has the uncanny ability to tune in to your inner most thoughts, even what’s in the subconscious. When you work with her, you get better at understanding YOU: why you do what you do and what gets you fired up. These most critical insights are often invisible to us because they’re in our blind spot. Having Victoria help you identify and focus on your blind spots is invaluable in every aspect of personal growth. As I understood myself better, I became a better entrepreneur, creator, leader, friend, husband, and father. After she helped me achieve clarity, it’s as if everything all of a sudden started going my way. Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling positive feedback loop, maybe it’s reality bending. The results have been life changing and deeply fulfilling for me. Victoria will do the same for you.