Sarah, VP Business Development at a tech startup

Before signing up for the course, I was feeling really stuck in a rut, particularly professionally but also working through some personal loss. I wanted to work with Victoria specifically. Why? I am an executive leader, a human and a woman. These things can't be decoupled and Victoria understands all with great fluidity, and has the knowledge, tools and empathy to coach in an integrated way that addresses all three dimensions and their interconnections. I knew Victoria would hold me accountable to do the work. I also loved the group approach, for the empathy, accountability and support that it provided.

Since taking the course, I've felt much more in-touch with myself. Victoria has a truly unique ability to understand your past and how it affects you today. She helped me realize and release beliefs and habits that were holding me back. I've learned amazing tools to help with challenging feelings, and my husband has commented that he sees a certain lightness in me that wasn't there before. I would recommend this course to anyone who is ambitious and ready to i) show up and do the work; and ii) dive into all aspects of themselves in order to learn and grow.