Rosa Park, Co-Founder & CEO of Cereal Magazine

Working with Victoria has been nothing short of life-changing. I had no idea that this is where I'd be; my breakthroughs have blown me away. This is one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made, and I'm so grateful.

I am a typical example of someone who initially comes across as ‘having it together’, while beneath the surface, there is uncertainty and confusion bubbling away. In an effort to address this ever-present malaise, I’ve checked into wellness retreats around the world, worked with therapists and coaches, learned vedic meditation and qi gong, attended breath workshops, and sought out treatments ranging from acupuncture to craniosacral therapy. And yet, I couldn’t find the clarity I sought in my life, both professionally and personally, until I started working with Victoria.

Like most things in life, the chemistry between two people is what leads to great results. After my first conversation with Victoria, I felt an innate sense of trust and connection to her. She is honest, perceptive, wise beyond her years, and fiercely intelligent. Her impressive range of experiences and credentials forms a powerful foundation in what she offers to each client, but for me, it’s the person that Victoria is that makes her stand out.

Victoria holds you fully accountable for the thoughts and emotions that come up during each session, and helps you translate those elements into actions that bring you closer to reaching your goals. Throughout this process, her support is tailored to your needs, and her faith in your development is infectious. She becomes your greatest champion, and keeps you motivated along the way.

Most importantly, she has the capacity to see you - the version of you that is your true, highest self. She then pours her heart, energy, and knowledge into ensuring that you see yourself. For me, this was the point at which clarity -the one I’ve been searching for my entire adult life - finally arrived. By working with Victoria, I understand what fuels my desires and fears, and that insight has given me the confidence to make decisions with conviction. I have redefined my relationship to my family and my career, as well as created new ones to my body and to wealth. I cherish every moment I’ve worked with Victoria, and feel more self-trust and focus than ever before.