Romy Northover, Artist & Designer

Before Victoria I had experienced a very dark night of the soul. I had hit rock bottom with a mental, physical, and spiritual collapse. I had already done a lot of therapy and felt like I had tried everything, but I didn't feel like I was reaching my potential. I was exhausted, frustrated, always living on the line financially and emotionally - my everyday state was one of anxiety, super highs and super lows, and a general low-grade quality of life. I signed up because I couldn't stand my situation. I was repeating patterns and I knew it was within my capability to change. I was ready to face it. Wanting to sign up for the course actually motivated me to charge more for my work so I could afford it, and I've since more than doubled my income.

The work is profound, and Victoria shows up 100%. She recognises where you are at, meets you there, provides you with tools and support that take you higher. For me, the changes began to take place the moment I committed to the course and continue to build beyond my wildest dreams. The results and transformation have come at warp speed. I now have more time; it feels like time has magically multiplied. I feel good, know how to have fun, and I'm loving life. I have the self-trust to go higher than I ever imagined possible. If you're on the fence, ask yourself if you're ready to get real with yourself. This is 100% worth the investment in you. The money will return tenfold. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Victoria again.