Nathalie Schwer, Designer, Interior Stylist, and Founder of a design studio in Copenhagen

I have tried coaches and therapy before, but never felt a deep impact. Working with Victoria and my fellow peers in the Alchemy Journey has been transformative. Not only from the work itself, but also from the nurturing, supportive and completely expansive sisterhood that was created and encouraged by Victoria.

When I signed up for the Alchemy Journey, I was stuck in my life. I had just made some major, hard decisions and was living with many challenges internally and externally. After starting the course, I felt a renewed joy, sense of purpose and new direction arise in my life. Victoria’s work is very profound. I had several specific issues that were addressed during the course, but more importantly, I gained so many perspectives and ways to approach life, myself and my feminine power. I have been introduced to practises I never knew about. I have gotten to investigate myself, my emotions, my body and my intellect. I have laughed, cried, angered, doubted, understood and have gained rich dimensions in the company of my Sisters under the guidance of Victoria.

I can now honestly celebrate myself as a being, a woman, a mother and a creator. I couldn’t even come close to feeling that before the course. The time flew by, but I know the journey is the brickwork - the foundation for a new path in life for me. A path where I always have a sisterhood to lean on, a path that I am only beginning to pave and that I am tremendously excited to be walking down.

Victoria is so incredibly intuitive, clever, caring, powerful and right on the money. She is inspirational to work with. She demands of you what she does of herself - dedication and expansion. And it is so empowering and such a respectful view to be met with. She has taught me things that have changed me and my life. It’s been nothing less than the perfect fit for me, and I feel eternally grateful that I was connected to her and became a part of the Alchemy Journey.