Nastassia Bruckin, Creative consultant and photographer

In retrospect my encounter with Victoria feels like a very happy and divine coincidence. I was given her book Bending Reality by a dear friend at the perfect time in my life and mid-way through it, I decided I wanted to challenge myself and work with her directly. The concepts she shared on paper resonated with me so much that the next thing I knew I embarked on one of the most fulfilling adventures of my adult life discovering and celebrating parts of myself that I had dimmed and were clearly undernourished.

It was a stretch financially but this decision has proven to be the best investment I’ve ever made. This once in a lifetime opportunity gave me the ability to begin living beyond a veil made of limiting beliefs and recurring fears. It changed the way I speak to myself which unlocked immense creativity and deep trust. I learned how to not tangle my worthiness — past, present or future — with my accomplishments, titles, status, degrees or the amount of money in my bank account. Truly liberating!

I am not forcing things to happen any longer but I am present and ready to take inspiring actions to make my wildest dreams come true. I am operating on the frequency of my desires, not lack. Overall, I feel lighter and calmer yet energized and full of love.

The contribution you’re about to make if you are considering entering Victoria’s (and your own) queendom is certainly not a gamble. This initial three month immersion is in itself transformative but most importantly, your future self will celebrate you for years to come for choosing to invest in yourself and for taking the time to discover what you are truly made of and what you have to offer to yourself, others and the planet.

I am forever grateful for Victoria and her work. It is a gift that keeps on giving.