Megumi Gordon, Co-Founder & COO of Mezamé

Before the Alchemy Journey, I was feeling stuck. I wasn't thrilled about my work, but I didn't know what I wanted in its place. I could tell that I had lost touch with aspects of myself when I became a new mom, yet I wasn't exactly sure what those were or how to reclaim them. Most notably, as a default setting, I let fear dictate what I did and did not do. I liked to assume the worst, in order to be pleasantly surprised by better outcomes. I felt like an imposter when trying to answer a question like, "what does dreaming big look like?"

I signed up for the Journey because I could feel in my bones that this was the thing I wanted to do, and this was the time to do it. More specifically: I wanted to effect change in my life, I wanted to dream bigger, I wanted to step into a higher consciousness. Also, I was deeply curious about what it would feel like to be a part of a group of women, exploring and transforming together.

I had known Victoria for almost 10 years at the point of starting the Journey, and have had the privilege of watching her own transformation over this period--and then seeing her impact on clients. I also knew how committed Victoria is to her life's work, and how much she cares about every individual she works with. I knew, too, what a phenomenal listener she is, and that she is not afraid to challenge and push her clients.

While it felt scary to invest so much in this group, and in myself, I entered with complete trust in Victoria, in the women she would choose for the Journey, and in myself to show up.

Every week, the needle moved. The trajectory of this Journey is so thoughtful, so each week, I--and all the women in our group--were having breakthroughs, in a way where I would think, "This is the climax"--but then each week, another critical shift would occur.

Some examples: I spent time excavating the past and realized how limiting beliefs and fears from younger years, and from my parents, were shaping me still and having outsized authority on my life. I gained the awareness and tools and confidence to process really hard things from the past--related to relationships with men, to health issues with my child. Now these things no longer seize me with worry or stress.

My husband and I experienced a fundamental shift in our relationship (including physical/ intimate), and now have vocabulary and tools to use to continue to up-level the life we're building together, and how we support each other. This is not an abstract thing: on a daily basis, I feel that our relationship has taken a different shape; it feels stronger; we communicate better.

Professionally, I am a fundamentally different person. I carry aspirations and confidence; I trust myself. As a result of the Journey, I'm in the middle of a professional transition, shifting out of a company and role that no longer lit me up, and into a new project that I am so excited to throw myself into. Importantly, I don't feel that I'm running away from something; I really feel that I am running toward something. I'm not exactly sure where the new road leads, but one of the most important things I've taken from this journey is the ability to believe.

I sense that I am showing up in my relationships with friends and family differently. I realized during the Journey that if I wasn't seeing myself clearly, if I wasn't cherishing and celebrating all of me, then I couldn't possibly expect others to see and reflect back to me what I wanted. This Journey opened my eyes to what it means to really celebrate, to celebrate life, people, events, myself--and taught me how to make this a natural part of my life.

In short, this experience transformed literally every facet of my life, in ways I didn't expect, and I am forever grateful to Victoria for the experience she curated and facilitated. I am also enormously grateful to the women who I journeyed with, and proud, really proud, of myself for having taken this step in my life.

I hope this helps you make the decision of a lifetime.