Luci Fonseca, Investor at Base10 Partners

Working with Victoria has been an absolutely transformative experience. I have known Victoria for over fifteen years and have been able to follow her own transformational journey. I feel so grateful to be a beneficiary of the countless years of study that has turned her into a powerful and deeply effective guide for others.

I signed up for one reason: I was tired of the many instances in which I was getting in my own way - I feared failure and therefore was keeping myself small to stay safe. In our first call together to discuss the Alchemy Journey, Victoria was able to see through me so deeply and incisively, that I ended the conversation in tears that had been welling up inside for years. Victoria was able to help me peel back the layers of what was keeping me in my own way - digging into my history to understand what I still needed to heal in order to step into the truest expression of myself.

She has this remarkable ability to speak both to your spirit (what you want for your highest self) and your mind (okay, now what are the things I need to say -- to myself and others-- and do to get this done). It's rare to meet someone who can so effortlessly move between those two (and many other) planes. I recommend working with Victoria to anyone I meet who is feeling stuck, dulled, numb, or lost; it wasn't an easy financial decision for me, and very difficult to set aside the time for the deep reflection required to work with Victoria, but I am so infinitely grateful that I did. I'd do it again and again.