Linh Kieu, Founder of YEM, a global social club

When I met Victoria, I had spent years on personal development and spiritual work. I had read hundreds of books and done many leadership and transformation courses. I understood all the concepts and how-to’s but I needed help applying what I had learned to my everyday life. Having known many coaches on a personal and professional level, I took my time choosing the right person because I wanted to make sure this person not only talks the talk but also walks the walk. And Victoria is that person. Beyond embodying what she teaches and transforming the lives of some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know of, she's also incredibly caring, compassionate, real, reliable and human. So when she told me about the next Alchemy Journey, I said YES without hesitation.

I'm so glad I did, because I've received profound transformation along with a new sisterhood of tightly bonded, incredible women who live all over the world. I unblocked what I never thought was possible. I discovered parts of me I never knew existed. I am now taking actions I never had the courage to before. And best of all, I finally know what it means to "live my best life" without anything holding me back. I am finally free.

It was worth every single dollar and more. I cherished every session because even though it was hard work, I always felt fulfilled, transformed, and deeply loved coming out of it. Each week, something within me was unlocked. I felt lighter and more expanded. I also love that the content is intuitive, straightforward, and approachable, so it's applicable to all of us.

Thank you, Victoria, for changing my life and the lives of the people I touch. I wish more and more of the world's leaders and changemakers get to work with you. If there is a follow-up course, I am the first one to sign up.”