Heather Whatton, Founder of Curtesae

Before Victoria, I felt emotionally and mentally depleted. From an external perspective, most people would have thought that my life was going well and that I was a happy person. Inside I felt trapped and isolated. I had felt this way for the past 20 years but I couldn't pinpoint exactly why. Overall I felt I had a great life and wondered, why do I feel unfulfilled?

For a long time I wanted to be an artist but didn't feel that I was talented enough or independently wealthy enough (or at all) to take the risk. I went down a career path that afforded great financial freedom but low emotional and intellectual reward. My professional dilemma was central in my decision to work with Victoria.

I was drawn to the Alchemy Journey because the program specialized in female entrepreneurs and as I learned more about it, I was attracted to the holistic and warm tone of the program created by the beautiful human being, Victoria Song. The final reason I decided to move forward with the Alchemy Journey was because I felt connected to Victoria during our initial call and intuitively trusted that she would be a great coach for me.

One of my reservations was that I might be uncomfortable with vulnerability in a group setting. At the same time I wanted to be around other women who were ambitious dreamers and understood what I was going through. Victoria assured me that the group setting would be a good fit for me and she was absolutely right. The Alchemy Journey was composed of some of the most incredible women I have ever met.

The truly safe and open space that Victoria created and modeled within the group allowed me to feel like I could share my deepest hurts and truths not only without judgment but with the incredible support of Victoria and the other women. She gave thoughtful and consistent attention to my specific struggles and I always felt heard and understood by her. The insight, shares and warmth of the other women in the group were beautiful experiences that accelerated my personal growth as well.

I gained a much higher level of self-awareness throughout the program. I had not realized this before but I was extremely judgmental and emotionally abusive towards myself. I learned to release the mental and emotional judgments that were holding me back from self-love. I learned to treat myself with more respect and kindness. This has given me tremendous freedom and space to pursue my life goals with much greater clarity and purity of purpose than before.

The Alchemy Journey was absolutely worth the investment I made financially and with my time. I loved it and wish I could be a part of the program in perpetuity. I gained so much more than I initially expected and am so glad I trusted my inner voice and Victoria in the moment I decided to join. Victoria is brilliant, passionate and incredibly insightful. She cares intensely about her work and is unafraid to enter difficult emotional terrain with her clients. Victoria will go deep with you to help you heal from hurt and fears you didn't even know you had and then guide you to a powerful place of abundance and peace.

The following is a specific and tangible example of how the Alchemy Journey has transformed my life:

The emotional and mental trap I had been stuck in for years began to impact my physical health. I had experienced about one panic attack a year since 2008 that lasted about 20-30 minutes and then I would feel better. They began to get progressively more intense. In the fall of 2019, I had a panic attack that lasted for over 24 hours in the middle of my trip to a business conference. Mentally I felt strong and was so frustrated that I couldn't tell my body what to do. It seemed like my body was sabotaging me.

The months following that experience, I became fairly dependent on medication and used it at least a couple of times a week when I sensed that my symptoms were returning. I was so fearful of experiencing a panic attack again. I was unable to fly alone as a result. My husband always had to accompany me.

I had my first one-on-one call with Victoria a few weeks into the program. She conducted a trauma release technique with me and since then, I have not had to take medication and I was able to fly solo soon after. This single improvement has completely transformed my life. For the first time in 20 years, I am experiencing harmony between my mind and my body.

My panic attacks were probably related to my general disregard for my physical, mental and emotional health for many years. I learned to be a high performer in a career that felt utterly disconnected from me. I learned to push myself to achieve financial success and take care of many family members. I learned to ignore my desires and needs for a long time in order to do what I felt I should do.

Today I feel truly free. I am happy and have a strong sense of freedom and agency to direct my future. I have begun to enjoy my current job more - it feels easier and lighter. While I still intend to find another career path, I am at peace with where I am at. I am learning to take care of my body and mind. I am learning to listen to my intuition and to refine my purpose. I have begun to create plans for my next venture and I am consulting my inner truth along the way to create a life and business centered around my heart's greatest desires.