Gesche Haas, Founder & CEO of Dreamers & Doers

I can't help but tell everyone about Victoria, her work and her impact. I've gifted Victoria's book, Bending Reality to so many but doing the Bending Reality Course and now the Alchemy Journey took it to a whole new level that honestly exceeded my wildest imagination of what's possible. I re-listen to all the recordings in the morning when I'm getting ready, when I'm in the car, and I learn something new that shifts something inside me each time.

I'm still a bit in shock over the ripple effects and the shifts I've seen. I have goosebumps considering what my life would be like if I didn't sign up. I am getting emotional thinking about, I would've gone through life not happy, not alive, I would've wasted my life away - that's how stark the difference is. I can't believe I have a new lease on life.

I feel different in every way. I'm a stronger leader, I'm so much happier, I enjoy motherhood so much more, my marriage has never been better. The most profound change is realizing all the things I didn't realize - all the unconscious programming that I just accepted - I assumed feeling this way is normal, not feeling this way is acceptable. And it didn't just change every fiber of my being, it has also changed my lineage for generations to come because of how I show up as a mother and how that is shifting my children.

Victoria shows up in such a deep way, her commitment to excellence, the way she fully embodies the work. She cares so much about your growth, is invested in you and your results. I'm humbled to know so many of her other clients are billion dollar entrepreneurs and celebrities - seeing the kind of people who align with her and choose her to be their coach and confidant, makes me humbled and lucky to be in that orbit.

The Alchemy Journey has been one of the best decisions of my life, and the best financial decision I've ever made of any kind, financially and energetically, so it was a no brainer to sign up for Mastery.