Ariel Pasternak, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Collaborative

Before Victoria, I felt like I was drowning. I did therapy for years, practiced yoga, ate healthily, read self-help books, but I felt like I could only make so much progress with those practices before returning to old patterns. There was always an underlying insecurity and many other deep emotions I couldn't pinpoint but negatively impacted me. I almost didn't sign up because it was a big financial investment for me. But I also really felt like I needed a CHANGE in my life and wanted more dimensionality to my existence.

I felt an immediate connection the first time I spoke with Victoria. She saw and understood me in a way no one else has in my life. Not my therapist, not my boyfriend, friends, mother, or even myself. I felt like I couldn’t hide with her, yet she was calling me forward to feel myself in a way that I had always wanted to but could never do on my own. I knew therapy on its own, yoga on its own, and my other self-work on its own weren’t getting me to where I wanted to be. My work with Victoria has integrated so much of what I’ve already learned and taken me to new depths and heights I’ve always wanted to reach. Her support is holistic, multi-dimensional and profound. Today, I live a more joyful existence, feel a lot less anxious, and am celebrating so much in my life. If you're ready to stop struggling and live freer, then work with Victoria! There's literally nothing you can lose, only everything to gain.