One-on-One Advisory

VICTORIA SONG helps accelerate and amplify the CEOs, founders and high-impact leaders of the fastest growing technology companies and celebrities who are building their legacy.

Victoria’s One-on-One Advisory work is custom-tailored to her client’s unique needs. She has taken the most powerful strategies for business and personal growth and fine-tuned them specifically for successful entrepreneurs. She is tool and modality agnostic and takes a 360-degree view to help her clients locate leverage points that will unleash their next level of performance.

Ryan Hudson
Co-Founder of Honey, acquired by PayPal for $4 Billion
As someone who has worked with Victoria for several years, this book was a chance for me to see behind the curtain. And I loved what I saw. As she has done countless times in our individual coaching sessions, in this book Victoria is able to take complex, abstract concepts and distill them down into a simple working model that is somehow both profound yet obvious once you have it shown to you.
George Ruan
Co-Founder and CEO of Honey, acquired by PayPal for $4 Billion
I've had the privilege of working with Victoria through the most stressful, and most rewarding few years of my life. She supported me through multiple rounds of fundraising, endless complex challenges at work, and the eventual sale of my company. She’s improved my thought process, helped me get to the root cause of issues faster, and most importantly, changed my emotional relationship to the turbulence. Victoria has the uncanny ability to tune in to your inner most thoughts, even what's in the subconscious. When you work with her, you get better at understanding YOU: why you do what you do and what gets you fired up. These most critical insights are often invisible to us because they're in our blind spot. Having Victoria help you identify and focus on your blind spots is invaluable in every aspect of personal growth. As I understood myself better, I became a better entrepreneur, creator, leader, friend, husband, and father. After she helped me achieve clarity, it’s as if everything all of a sudden started going my way. Maybe it's a self-fulfilling positive feedback loop, maybe it's reality bending. The results have been life changing and deeply fulfilling for me. Victoria will do the same for you.
Nikolai Eroshenko
Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of HelixNano
Victoria is the real deal - she possesses an extremely rare ability to synthesize the tactical with the holistic into actionable advice. She has not only helped execute a challenging pivot towards building next-generation covid vaccines, but, perhaps more importantly, has helped expand my vision of what HelixNano is and can become. Victoria’s insights have irreversibly improved my ability to lead complex technical projects in the face of highly strategic and scientific uncertainty. She has worked with the HelixNano team toward the goal of growing our creative scientific culture, and this has been a staggering success: with Victoria’s guidance, we have laid the foundation for scaling the company ≥10x while retaining everything that has made HelixNano great at both identifying and solving extremely challenging biological puzzles.
Hannu Rajaniemi
Co-Founder & CEO of HelixNano
I'd talked to other coaches before, but Victoria’s combination of rigorous strategy insights and ability to go deep into the subconscious mind is unique. Most importantly, trusting her with my deepest secrets feels effortless. When I first met Victoria, I had serious doubts about my ability to be a CEO. I was torn between two passions, HelixNano and writing. And I kept falling into thought traps: feeling behind with everything and running out of energy. Today, I feel like a different person. My ambition with HelixNano has reached a completely new level - global transformation of human health. I've created my own way of being a CEO that leverages my storytelling ability. And I now understand that the wounds from the past are actually my source of strength. Whether your challenges are tactical, strategic or you’re facing fears on your hero's journey to find the elixir, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Victoria. You'll be amazed by what you can achieve.
Suzy Ryoo
Co-Founder & President of Venice Music and an investor
Working with Victoria has been transformative, personally and professionally. Her unique background in business, tech, and self-development enables her to support everything from tactical strategy to addressing deeper underlying patterns that lead to long-term change. With Victoria's intense focus on ME (my whole and true self), I am now more intentional with how I show up for myself, my company, and all those I deeply care about. She helped me make key decisions that resulted in a career I didn't envision before working with her. Right in the middle of our coaching, I co-founded a company. I have upleveled my vision for life & business, and I'm now much better at realizing all my goals and bending reality. I would recommend Victoria wholeheartedly to anyone. Put another way, anyone who earns the opportunity to work with Victoria is incredibly fortunate!"


Building a successful and fast-growing business isn’t just about hard work or luck. It’s about cultivating the optimal mental, emotional and physical state, and the right support and tools to grow. By establishing these, Victoria helps accelerate and amplify the CEOs, founders and high-impact leaders of the fastest growing technology companies. She helps them build world-class cultures that become known as the best place for employees to level themselves up, which inspire other companies’ leadership, success, and culture. As a result, these legendary leaders are thriving in all areas of their lives as they create the products and services that advance and elevate humanity.

Client Praise

Clients love working with Victoria because they know that THIS is the investment that will 100X everything else in their life—business, relationships, health, impact and happiness. With Victoria, they receive care, attention, and support like they’ve never experienced before.

Her clients value that she takes a fierce stand for the highest version of themselves, and accepts nothing less. They trust Victoria to tell them the truth that no one else is telling them. Holding her clients with both faith and fire leads them to exceed their own expectations of what they thought they could achieve.

Shaping media and culture

The media landscape has the capacity to influence our collective social reality more than ever before.

From choosing roles in movies and shows, product endorsements, to using their voice to speak up on issues that matter to them, celebrities work with Victoria to use their power, platform, and influence for good.

VICTORIA SONG’S clients are role modelling the change they want to see in the world.

Proven Techniques

Victoria began her career as a venture capitalist investing in the fastest growing technology companies and was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for her success. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she has had front row seats her entire life to what successful entrepreneurs do differently to win. After studying at Yale University and Harvard Business School, she learned from over 25 of the best coaches, therapists and alternative healers in the world.

Victoria is trained and certified through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Team Coaching International (TCI). She also trained directly with Brené Brown through the Dare to Lead Certification. Other trainings include Organization and Relationships Systems Coaching (ORSC) and Embodied Leadership through Strozzi Institute’s Somatic Coaching.