Journey Playlists

Experience a guided journey from the comfort of your own home with these live-recorded audiotracks, curated playlists and post-journey integration prompts.

Welcome to the intimate, powerful experience of my live-recorded journeys. You are getting the exact words, music and transmissions that led to profound breakthroughs for the participants in these 1:1 journeys. For the first time ever, I’m making these sessions available to you, Self-Healer.

Before each Journey, set your intention:
  1. Write down: What is the breakthrough you’d like to make on today’s journey
  2. Write down: What gets in the way of that breakthrough – make a list of all the things
  3. Start the recording + music once you’ve taken your medicine, blindfold, & enjoy the ride!

My voice is here to support you. Trust the process. If it wants to take you somewhere else, let it take you.

We begin with techniques that prime you for your journey. I’ve provided a potent curated playlist for each audiotrack. However if you wish, feel free to use your own playlist.

Integration is key. Don’t forget to journal at the completion of your experience, using the prompts as guides. This is how you bring back to reality what you touched in your journey.

Bon Voyage, Alchemist! See you on the other side.

1. I Release Control

Feel at ease in yourself. Experience deep trust knowing that everything works out. Let go of any fear, confusion or resistance. Release judgement of self and others. Free yourself from the stress and anxiety of needing to know or control.

2. It’s Never Too Late to Have a Happy Childhood

Create a new story with your past. Re-write history and experience your family lineage through a new lens. The relationship with your family is the model for every other relationship in your life including the one with yourself. Give yourself a clean slate.

3. Remember Your Future

Hop into a time machine and experience your future.
Get clarity on why you are really here. Connect the dots. Make your future a memory. When all is said and done, look back on your life knowing you fully lived it.

4. Become My Highest Self

Get all your questions answered. Connect to your inner wisdom, power, and truth. Listen for guidance. Expand the possibilities for what you can be and have. Trust your voice, trust your sight, trust yourself.

I’ve done countless journeys but had never been personally guided. My session with Victoria was transformative. She discovered the root of a core wound and took me back in time to repattern it. It felt like years of therapy in one session. She helped me face what I needed to feel to create a new ending, and then move forward with courage and power. I owned my past, so it wasn’t owning me anymore, which gave me the freedom to write a book that’s been in me for years.
Award-winning Executive Creative Producer and Director
Before my journey, gratitude was only a mental exercise. I couldn’t feel it in my body. After my journey with Victoria, gratitude has become the default feeling I have toward everything in my life: my company, my wife, my children, and my friends. I have a strong sense of contentment I’d never experienced before. I felt the conscious mind and ego disassociate. My default programming turned off and my eyes watched from a 3rd person in a dispassionate way. Now, the challenges I’m facing as a CEO feel easier. The highs and lows of my company no longer impact me the same way. It’s like I discovered a broader perspective. I used to wait for the other shoe to drop but now I feel grateful and excited about the good things in my life. Instead of trying to control it, I can go with it, accept and enjoy it. Life is so damn good.
Co-founder & CEO of a consumer tech company
I’ve experienced several journeys before, but I had so many epiphanies from my journey with Victoria that I still think about daily even 6 months later. Victoria's incredible voice and visuals and intentional arc to the experience made me feel immersed and held in my journey the whole time. It was one of the most magical days of my life. If you're looking for a profound transformation, I cannot recommend this enough!
Founder & CEO of a kombucha company
Victoria has a gift for feeling below your words into the needs of your soul, your inner child, your wounded self and gives you exactly what is required to free yourself from the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back. I felt completely safe, open and trusting with Victoria, and I went deeper than I had ever gone before as a result. It felt like spiritual surgery with a skilled surgeon. My journey took me back to critical junctures I was not consciously aware were important in my development - and I was given the opportunity to feel compassion for myself and for other people in a brand-new way. I was freed of blame, regret and resistance and in its place, I was left with gratitude and peace.
Co-founder of an enterprise software company
I am one of those hyperrational, extremely technical people who is analytical and scientific (I have a PhD, and prior background in math and physics). My journey with Victoria was the most powerful experience I ever had. I recognized how many of my invisible hurdles were a mind game. My perception of reality was often distorted by emotions and narratives I tell myself. Victoria opened my eyes to experience the world in a new way. To give you a glimpse - I time travelled. I went back to where it all started and watched what I feared: the truth. What if we could look deeper into our stories, into the people who form a critical part of them? I let go of deeply rooted narratives, and as a result, everything has changed. Before the journey, I almost decided to give up on my startup. Today, I’m 10 days away from my company’s product reveal, and realizing a dream I’ve had since I was that 13-year-old girl I saw flipping through her physics books.
Co-founder & CEO of a robotics company
The journey designed by Victoria was beautifully poetic, melodic, and handcrafted with such care. Every detail evoked one of the senses - sight, touch, sound - in ways that created harmony, bringing a sense of peace and ease for the journey. The journey itself was deep. Thought-provoking. Heart-opening…That leaves an emotional imprint anyone would be lucky to have. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life.
Product Manager at multitrillion-dollar tech company
Coming into the journey, I was feeling disconnected and plagued by feelings of inadequacy. I wanted a personal guide that I trust and who appreciates the complexity and interconnectedness of the psyche and spirit. Under Victoria's guidance, the experience was enormously profound, and through it, I realized I had been focusing on the wrong things, and trying to solve the wrong problem. The post-journey integration work was also incredibly helpful in ensuring that I internalized my realization, and that the experience was perpetuated and transformed into action. I think these journeys are a really important part of any growth practice, and I would recommend Victoria's guidance in a heartbeat.
VP, Business Development at a tech startup
Victoria guided me on my first journey ever. It is impossible to put the magnitude of this experience into words. This is only a sliver of what I explored... She navigated me through my childhood, which provided me with a clearer path to rewire some foundational programming. I felt into the emotions of my family and ancestors. It gave me more emotional context to how I was shaped into who I am today. I was able to tap into my unconscious and recognize what my truest self wants going forward. After the experience I was better able to release my strong need to control and just live in the moment.
Fashion Photographer