Alchemy Journey

The fastest path from where you are today to where you want to be.

The Alchemy Journey is for powerful female leaders globally — CEOs, creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs — who are ready to uplevel every area of their life. In this group container, you will experience accelerated evolution. Prior participants have shared, “More happened during the months of this program than in the last six years of my life,” “It has completely transformed my reality,” “After each session, I fill at least 10 pages of new insights.”

A few highlights from recent cohorts:

  1. A founder and CEO grew her company’s revenue 1000% and was approached by Marvel Productions to turn her story into a series
  2. A 7-figure photographer made more money during quarantine by being the first to learn how to shoot remotely and shot for top magazine covers, brands and celebrities
  3. A robotics entrepreneur closed $4M in funding and built the first electric, foiling, self-driving boat
  4. A sculptural artist went from making $3,000 per month to over $83,000 per month (over $1M for the year) in just six months by owning her value, creating equity deals, and discovering new mediums of expression
  5. A food entrepreneur went from making a few hundred thousand dollars to $3M in year 1 and $15M in year 2

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Working with Victoria has been nothing short of life-changing. I had no idea that this is where I'd be; my breakthroughs have blown me away. This is one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made, and I'm so grateful...Read more

Rosa Park, Co-Founder & CEO of Cereal Magazine

If you're on the fence, ask yourself if you're ready to get real with yourself. This is 100% worth the investment in you. The money will return tenfold. I would jump at the opportunity to work with Victoria again...Read more

Romy Northover, Artist & Designer

Thank you, Victoria, for changing my life and the lives of the people I touch. I wish more and more of the world's leaders and changemakers get to work with you. If there is a follow-up course, I am the first one to sign up...Read more

Linh Kieu, Founder of YEM, a global social club

I felt an immediate connection the first time I spoke with Victoria. She saw and understood me in a way no one else has in my life. Not my therapist, not my boyfriend, friends, mother, or even myself. I felt like I couldn’t hide with her..Read more

Ariel Pasternak, Founder & CEO of Pineapple Collaborative

Victoria and her Alchemy program has changed my life and accelerated my growth in ways I couldn’t imagine...Read more

Jing Gao, Founder & CEO of Fly By Jing

Victoria is so incredibly intuitive, clever, caring, powerful and right on the money. She is inspirational to work with. She demands of you what she does of herself - dedication and expansion. And it is so empowering and such a respectful view .....Read more

Nathalie Schwer, Designer, Interior Stylist, and Founder of a design studio in Copenhagen

Before signing up for the course, I was feeling really stuck in a rut, particularly professionally but also working through some personal loss. I wanted to work with Victoria specifically. Why? I am an executive leader, a human and a woman...Read more

Sarah, VP Business Development at a tech startup